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  1. Funnily enough, mine was doing this recently, Had a new belt fitted at service around six months ago, and over the last couple of weeks it has been squealing on cold start-up. I removed the plastic cover over the alternator pulley, and then it's just a case of loosening the alternator retaining nut and winding in the tensioner bolt a few turns to give the belt some more tension. Was a two minute job with a 10mm and 13mm (I think, might have been 12....) socket
  2. Croft is an excellent track. You have to be brave to drive it fast!
  3. Could be cam-belt failure?
  4. Looks good!
  5. Well, had its first opportunity to prove itself at the weekend. 500kg trailer + 600kg Westfield - no problem Who says tow-cars have to be boring?
  6. Nice work. I thought briefly about trying to get a second hand unit but probably wouldn't have got round to it! Plus this way I know it has been fitted properly, not by me
  7. Just to update this, in case anyone is interested - I've now had a removable Witter towbar fitted:
  8. Can't help with the whereabouts, but it does at least look like it's still on the road:
  9. Caterham looks good!
  10. A few words on the Westie if you're curious
  11. Yep! Not one I've built, it's a 1990 car and has been a sprint/hillclimb racer in a past life. It's a bit of a rolling project really, something to tinker with when I have the time but also something I don't have to rely on
  12. I just got a good deal through Sky
  13. Cheers John. Something to bear in mind for future, but I'm trying to avoid mods for now. This is my daily and work car so I need it on the road, plus most of my spare car time/resource will be spent sorting the suspension, dash, and electronic ignition system on my Westfield. Besides, after two years in a diesel beemer the 'standard' Prodrive exhaust sounds bloody lovely
  14. Well, 2 hours stuck on the M25 followed bu a blat through the Oxfordshire backroads.... it's definitely good to be back
  15. Picked up this morning, and already put to work! It's good to be back though. Such an awesome car