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    Fishing from a 13ft RIB in the North Sea (towed by the forester), weekends in SWScotland, country lanes in the impreza, staying young ha! Forest rally spectating, grand kids !
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    Impreza 05 / Forester 03

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  1. Random moment

    Bet he doesn't get stones stuck in his brakes either, lol
  2. Tom tom sat nav

    It's a picture book.
  3. WTF moment

  4. WTF moment

    So what's your plan with that Floz? How much " wrapping" will it handle, and where? Good day all round, look what I found in the sea this morning.
  5. WTF moment

    Got a few in the freezer, are you jealous? Boiled for 6 mins before freezing so just need finishing off in the grill one cold winters night. mind when we got a " normal sized" one the next day, grandson said " it's only a baby". Spoilt or what?
  6. WTF moment

    Ah but now it's stick on goodies not bolt on and definitely not drilled then bolted on! What can go wrong with stickies? And to think this all started with your little granite rock.
  7. WTF moment

    Let's see the before and after pics. if all goes wrong, nothing that a bit of gaffer tape can't fix LOL pink can be had, or maybe zebra stripes will look good? 😳
  8. WTF moment

    Nice one scoobyjoff, you know where to look next time, but maybe a once in a million chance eh? good to see a bit of banter to keep the site alive. guess I had 2 wtf moments lately ( this August) : one is Subaru related, the other isn't apart from the tow-car : a jacking point on the old forester was rusty, took the sill cover off and Wtf! all fixed now, local garage that I use that does the jobs I can't handle, did a great job cutting and grinding back and welding in new sections. secondly, pulled up the lobser pots up the other day with my grandson, after the Impreza towed the boat ( we're allowed 5 pots and 1 lobster per day on a recreational permit) and there was a monster inside, WTF is that! Cooked for tea with garlic butter, bloody lovely.
  9. Tax Disc

    Kept the last one in the glove box as a souvenir so in years to come I can show the grandkids what it was like before computers! Mind by then, I probably also need to keep a can of petrol to show them what petrol once was. Just like some of the mad max films.
  10. Brake caliper porn

    Nice bits of engineering there. I also like the strategically placed Chubb protected premises sticker on the window right behind them!
  11. Under body seal

    You're so fortunate to have it rust free, and this is a job definitely worth doing now. Waxoyl is as good as anything, and if you get an old tin full to keep in the shed or garage, it's easy to check under the car every year or so and touch up any lost/ thin bits on the car with a paintbrush. Make sure the usual Subaru vulnerable areas get a good coating: e.g. sump pan, the cross bar under radiator, steel suspension arms, disc splash/ dust guards.
  12. Prodrive bear

    Never seen one like it. Think yourself lucky though he is only so young and only wants the teddy. Wait till he is older and wants the car!
  13. Can we assume this replacement with a " new" activator of exactly the same design didn't just happen in Aus? How many years before the replacement becomes a risk? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40701600
  14. KYB shock suppliers?

    Both sides now fitted and makes a big difference.
  15. Greetings from Czech Republic...

    Good to hear, and welcome to the forums. Keep us posted on how the diesel keeps going.