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    Fishing from a 13ft RIB in the North Sea (towed by the forester), weekends in SWScotland, country lanes in the impreza, staying young ha! Forest rally spectating, grand kids !
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  1. No prob, almost sorted. Tried my local KYB distributor listed from Dons link, ( I thought they just supplied parts to the local trade shops from their industrial estate place, but they serve " the public" as well via phone/ at their counter). A Vehicle specific set now ordered, will be here tomorrow direct from KYB, and a good price. Now for a cheap set of Spring compressors! Another little project to keep me busy.
  2. Cheers Floz and Don,. According to the link, theres a distributor just A couple of miles away, will call tomorrow to see if they supply direct rather than just to trade, and then see about availability.
  3. Hi,. Anyone recommend a supplier for KYB shocks? The places mentioned in old posts such as Camskill don't seem to supply any longer. After fitting some Pedders to the forester it's clear the Impreza needs new rear shocks so planning to go with KYB excel g ( standard?), and re- use the springs and top mounts, also assuming my GX 2005 will use the equivalent WRX rear shocks ( to be confirmed) Looking for a recommendation rather than just an e bay or similar listing please. Thanks. P.S. The opposed forces site confirms the original GX and WRX shocks have different part numbers.
  5. Cheers, best " year" of the best car ever built in my opinion ( doesn't necessarily have to be an STi but that's a bonus) Pity they don't make the same thing now, I would have ( another) one tomorrow.
  6. Lovely looking car, and nice location. Welcome. Where is it? And how long have you had the car?
  7. You need to wait till much late in the year then, since once the tiny midges start hatching out they are there all summer. Or buy some midge hats off e.bay, Highlander ones are really fine mesh and work but are a bit dark to see through if it's not sunny, or buy the cheap camo coloured things direct from China for a couple of pounds. But don't wear in public unless you really don't care what people think!
  8. Hi floz, you deserve a reply,. But sorry, no I didn't watch. You need a motor sport TV planner posted up in advance on the site. Preferably for free view channels not the exorbitant subscription service( s). Cheers.
  9. Hah, cheers Scoobyjoff, You might be right. Bit boring this, but I used to go trout fishing so thought I recognised some as "little olives" that hatch out of the rivers in April and May ( and the trout eat them). Got me thinking, this drive took me from the NE coast of England to far SW Scotland ( then back again the same night) and as well as across some moors and through forests, the little car crossed bridges over at least 10 rivers that hold trout and salmon! Might need to check or change the air filter.
  10. LOL None! It's just a GX non turbo without a bonnet scoop 😉. (But still had more than adequate pace on a 320 mile return trip on mainly A and B roads last evening! )😇
  11. Yup,. Sounds like it might be a long time. A bunch of flowers ain't any good here. At least you can get out in the car and have a blast. Imagine she hadn't found them? You owe her big time!!
  12. This is true:. A couple of years ago, had the dog to the beach one howling freezing winters night, ( the sort that makes your teeth chatter and cheeks freeze together) got back to the car,put him in the boot ( forester) and went to get in and start the car, no keys! Emptied pockets, checked under dog, checked under car, oh shit. Wasn't till I took my mobile out of the pocket to call my own dearly beloved to bring the spare keys and bloody hell,. I had the key ring clenched between my teeth all the time. Honest.
  13. Well done floz
  14. Welcome Dorset wagon,. So we guess it's a wagon and a non turbo, any pics? Look after it and it should last ages.