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  1. Track Day Interest

    So a few of you have expressed interest in a track day, if we were to organise something which track would you prefer?
  2. Hello

    ‘Research Purposes’ I will remember that one when I need an excuse to slip away for a little while
  3. Hey guys

    Hi and Welcome. Post a pic of your ride. Here's mine
  4. Weekend of mods

    !!! Not Electric !!! You could always play a CD with boxer engine sounds, maybe have some dump valve sounds too
  5. Tom tom sat nav

    What is that??? Anyway I can’t read
  6. Tom tom sat nav

    Hmmmm maybe I need one, it might stop me ending up in Boston
  7. Random moment

    its nearly done as many miles as the 1
  8. New saloon owner

    A boot handle? I assume there isn't one already?
  9. Air Oil Separator

    I have been contemplating either a catch can or Air Oil Separator for a few weeks and decided that the AOS is probably the better choice. Anyone got an AOS on their Impreza?
  10. Air Oil Separator

    So after a call from America, it turns out the AOS is out of stock I will have to look for another
  11. Brand New Sti 330S Wheels

    I cant believe they took so long
  12. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Glad to hear you have come back to the boxer world. Nice to see another wagon, there is not enough of them these days. Mods are very personal and not to everyone's taste but since you asked Rear tints Bottom line kit
  13. MOT time

    He didn't pick up that your accelerator pedal seems to have limited travel
  14. Air Oil Separator

    Separates Air and Oil or is that Oil and Air?
  15. Weekend camping

    I miss my chav lights lights.mp4
  16. Air Oil Separator

    Wow I cant believe how long ago I was thinking of buying one I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Tomioka Racing Air & Oil Separator from the US of A. Well if its good enough for the Don it is good enough for the 1 @scoobyjoff lets hope it doesn't sit the cupboard too long
  17. Weekend camping

    Have you been fraternising with the enemy? Was Kian (apology for bad spelling) doing all the chatting up? I watched the news and there was no wild fires.
  18. Funny Place Names

    As I stumbled across 'Knob Lane' last week it reminded me of all the funny place names I have seen over the years. My inner child has now decided to do a tour and collect them all in an album. So if anyone has suggestions I am starting to build the list.
  19. The world's most bizarre traffic laws

    I always forget those when I am over there, I have had a few close shaves, once even forgetting to stay on the the right side of the road The great thing about the scoob, is just put your foot down and get out of there before others can even make their minds up
  20. Found this while surfing and had to share 1. Driving with a blindfold on in Alabama is not allowed It seems basic common sense you shouldn’t obscure your own sight while driving a vehicle. But apparently somewhere along the line this notion became a bit blurry for someone in Alabama, and the state found it necessary to outlaw blindfolded driving. 2.You can be fined for driving topless in Thailand According to Thai law, it is never okay to take your top off while on their roads. Despite the country’s often blistering heat, anyone caught operating a car, bike or tuk-tuk while topless will be slapped with a fine. 3. You must check for children hiding under your car before setting off in Denmark The Danes have a rather unusual law designed to protect anyone that may be working underneath a vehicle. To avoid being fined, drivers in Denmark must check to make sure there is no one under their car before starting the engine. This includes mechanics, or small children playing hide ‘n’ seek. 4. Dirty cars attract fines in Russia If you are the kind of car owner that cares little for the car wash, thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Russia. Moscow police have the power to dish out fines to any motorist with a car that is deemed to be too dirty. And it is entirely up to the officer to decide what counts as not clean enough. It’s not quite as severe but Brits can land a £1,000 fine if your number plate is too dirty. 5. You can’t drive on Monday in Manilla if your registration ends in 1 or 2 In a bid to restrict the heavy traffic build up in the Philippines capital, authorities have imposed restrictions on which cars are allowed in certain areas of the city. Based on the last digit of a cars number plate, certain vehicles are prohibited from the city on a particular day of the week. For example, any car with a number plate ending in 1 or 2 is banned from driving in Metro Manila on Mondays. 6. It is illegal to drive a black car in Denver, Colorado on Sundays America is notorious for bizarre, outdated laws – and Denver is near the top of the list with this odd sanction. State traffic law dictates it is unlawful to drive a black car on a Sunday in Colorado’s capital. Clearly a very old fashioned restriction, while it is still a legal requirement, it is a near certainty that this is no longer enforced. 7. Hefty penalty for running out of petrol on a German Autobahn Despite their lack of speed limits, Germany’s world-famous Autobahns still come with strict rules. Anyone that runs out of fuel on one of these high-speed roads will face a fine, and could even receive a driving ban in the more serious cases. 8. San Francisco bans the use of used underwear to buff or dry a vehicle One of the more liberal cities in America, San Francisco is rather picky when it comes to the car wash business. For commercial businesses, you can be cited if you are seen buffing or drying a car and you chose to re-purpose a pair of used underwear as a rag. But for private car owners keen to give their car a scrub, they are free to use as many pairs of stained tighty-whities as they like. 9. Every car in Luxembourg must have windscreen wipers, even if it doesn’t have a windscreen Luxembourg makes it a legal requirement for every car to have windscreen wipers, even if the car in question doesn’t have a windscreen – much more common among vintage cars. It is perfectly legal to drive without a glass shield for the driver, but miss the wipers and you’ll be awarded with a fine. 10. Headlights must be used 24/7 in Scandinavia Drivers must have their headlights on at all times when their car is running in Scandinavia, even when the sun is out. While handy for increasing safety during their notoriously foggy weather and short days, the law is largely designed for periods in winter where there is no daylight for weeks on end.
  21. WTF moment

    Look what I found in Aldi
  22. Tax Disc

    Just a random observation today but it amazed me how many cars I see that are still displaying a Tax Disc It made me wonder, what is the oldest Tax Disc being displayed? Anyone still got their in the SIDC Tax Disc holder???
  23. WTF moment

    Oh yes the little pebble, I am still thinking of the Lobster yum yum
  24. WTF moment

    I might actually get some of the pink!!!
  25. WTF moment

    Or just plain stupid. I have had them sooooo long its time to fit them.