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  1. Hello all

    Hi Joe Great pic. Welcome back to scooby ownership.
  2. WR1 Owners Manual

    I nearly forgot about this I will bring it to Wales and you can decide if you want it or not.
  3. Under body seal

    You want to look at Waxoyl. Better to spray it on instead of brushing as it is easier to get into the crevices. Will you be doing it yourself?
  4. Hi Floz, do you want to meet up Saturday evening when you get to newbury.

    let me know mate.         James

    1. scoobiefloz


      Hi James, I will have to sadly decline. I will not be getting to Newbury til late so will probably have an early night ready for the early start in Sunday. Sorry.

    2. conrod


      no  probs floz, see you sunday morning for 7.30 kick off.

  5. Warmer weather/reduce power

    About 0-5 would be better with a little ice to spice things up a bit
  6. Prodrive bear

    I'll give you £1 for it
  7. Me might be able to find info from the registration but soo many times the Reg changes with people putting private plates on. You might find more history on the http://www.type-ra.com/
  8. I read somewhere that Takata have filed for Bankruptcy so I wonder if we will ever get them
  9. Brakes

    If you can get a complete set of Brembos for a good price you'd be better off doing them all together. Having better brakes on the front and not the back could upset the balance where the fronts are doing all the work.
  10. WRX STI RA Video

    I think it could be finished with after you've had it
  11. Warmer weather/reduce power

    Yep higher intake temps mean less bang http://stratifiedauto.com/blog/the-effects-of-intake-air-temperatures-on-turbocharged-vehicles/
  12. WR1 Owners Manual

    I will have a look tonight to see what state mine is in and you are more than welcome to have it.
  13. Octane Booster

    In preparation of the run around Scotland later in the year (Subaru Loch-Down) I am looking to get some Octane booster to take along as there isn't many, if any V-Power pumps . Does anyone have any advise on which one to get?
  14. Where did my username go?

    Hi Graeme. I a not sure what happened to your username but I have changed it G.Mac to match your jacket