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  1. New car

    Strange you are having problems uploading from your phone. This is what my screen looks like on the phone. Do you see the paper clip on yours?
  2. Howdie back in a scooby.

    I wouldn’t go near mine with a hammer it would fall apart.
  3. Hello

    ‘Research Purposes’ I will remember that one when I need an excuse to slip away for a little while
  4. Hey guys

    Hi and Welcome. Post a pic of your ride. Here's mine
  5. Weekend of mods

    !!! Not Electric !!! You could always play a CD with boxer engine sounds, maybe have some dump valve sounds too
  6. Tom tom sat nav

    What is that??? Anyway I can’t read
  7. Tom tom sat nav

    Hmmmm maybe I need one, it might stop me ending up in Boston
  8. Random moment

    its nearly done as many miles as the 1
  9. New saloon owner

    A boot handle? I assume there isn't one already?
  10. Air Oil Separator

    So after a call from America, it turns out the AOS is out of stock I will have to look for another
  11. Brand New Sti 330S Wheels

    I cant believe they took so long
  12. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Glad to hear you have come back to the boxer world. Nice to see another wagon, there is not enough of them these days. Mods are very personal and not to everyone's taste but since you asked Rear tints Bottom line kit
  13. MOT time

    He didn't pick up that your accelerator pedal seems to have limited travel
  14. Air Oil Separator

    Separates Air and Oil or is that Oil and Air?
  15. Weekend camping

    I miss my chav lights lights.mp4