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  1. HI ALL Washed and polished scoob last Saturday went out for a run, parked car in the high street. Returned later to find pride and joy keyed across drivers door full length of the door. 350 pounds to put right.What makes these people tick ? Mad and gutted Dave 33dne
  2. Just ordered two. they look good. Well done. Dave 33dne
  3. Very nice mate
  4. Hi all Like the new 20 years logo at the top of the forum page. How about some stickers of this would look nice at shows. Just an idea . Happy new year. Dave 33dne
  5. Hi To all members have a good Christmas and all the very best for 2017 ! Dave 33dne
  6. Very nice finish.Look good
  7. Very nice looking scooby
  8. Hi All club members Have a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Dave 33dne
  9. Welcome aboard nice choice of scooby Dave 33dne
  10. Hi Guy Nice idea would be up for it just up the road from you in the big village of Hordle keep me posed Dave 33dne
  11. Yes thanks for all the work in 2014 And a Happy Christmas and all the best to all SIDC members for 2015 ! Dave 33dne
  12. Agree with all that thanks for all the hard work in 2014. And a Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2015 to all SIDC members. Dave 33dne
  13. Hi Chris Sounds like you have found a nice scoob turn the key and enjoy. Cheers Dave
  14. Hi Philip Welcome to the club Prodrive was a good day out we had a chat on the day. Dave
  15. Yes a good day and good stand position. Nice to meet up again. Dave