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  1. there is also the the issue of the air pump & relay ???? if yu do nothing long enough it will all go away tony
  2. WRX STI RA Video

    id only drive it like you were sat next to me
  3. 13 STI Broken Center Diff

    thats not something common for sure. ive had my 2011 4th sycro be iffy but new clutch and gearbox oil sees to hsave sorted it. tony
  4. WRX STI RA Video

  5. WRX STI RA Video

    I could do with that after they've finished with it. ❤️ Tony
  6. Anyone want some track time sessions for japfest at Donny. ?
  7. Just joined

    Welcome back to the mad house. Tony

    tommi macs time was 7:55 so needs to muller that
  9. BTCC Championship

    i,ve met Jason a few times and wasnt overly impressed with his holyier than thou attitude. Yet the last time i met him, totally different. a nice chap i liked this interview, very forthright but certainly held back quite a few @@@@@@ COG and boost issues seems like the old gang BTCC Manufacturers wanted the Subarus wings severly clipped for 2017 season. Tony
  10. 065.jpg

    my old banger looking good
  11. IMG_0627.JPG

    great pics i was too busy talking to take any well took 4
  12. Wales Weekender 1st April 2017

    Hi Chris Sorry you missed it. But as they say shot happens and can't be helped. See you on the next one 👍👍 It was a great day, weather was mixed but mostly good We did 168.7 miles around Snowdonia and averaged 35.8 miles per hour. I think my 4Th gear synchro may have gone so spent my day in 3rd and 5th. for some unknown reason my camera 🎥 didn't record and sound 😡 Some of the food was American size portions as it was also my birthday, we had a drinks Saturday night tony
  13. i know iain litchfield stopped using ast and uses bilstens now. i tried his bmw and gtr, i was well impressed. but does have premium price tag tony
  14. Mark Higgins at it again

    nice to see prodrive back involved with subaru
  15. Mark Higgins at it again

    cant wait to see video, post it up when you find it.
  16. Mark Higgins at it again

    i think not much room for error there me driving there would be hardly any blue left on it at all

    Dave I was thinking more like the using a Drill and a pineapple on an annal cavity tony

    We had cars on the street on the street wing mirrors kicked off in the night. We thought it was drunk rowdy English yobs on way back from pub n clubs. But it looked on cctv and found was the complete opposite. Two sober immigrants dress nice on bikes. Next street along found a car keyer and he was a cat nut 😡 Tony
  19. EVO Triangle & Horseshoe Pass

    Llangollen ish
  20. EVO Triangle & Horseshoe Pass

    Dont forget we are near llangolleon sp 1st april tony
  21. Interview with Subaru MD & BMR Boss

    the BMR Boss seems a nice chap. We ought to see if we can get a factory tour Tony
  22. Hi All. A friend end has a 2017 hawk wagon and is trying to locate the fuel filter. On front right hand engine bay is normal location for the black can filter with two hose pipes on top. On his is a swirl pot!!! Or pump!! Can anyone one shed light. Tony