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  1. Hi Mate

    Long time no see / hear

    Sun Inn , First Friday of month ( May 4th next ) , 7.30pm......Hope to see you there.


  2. thats cool mate
  3. Oh...cool maybe next time.
  4. crap i did miss it, ed i must give you my number so you can remined me..... how did it go any way?
  5. ill try and get to this one mate
  6. name Walshy or shane like my scooby a little to much and this is how it looks now
  7. crap have i missed this one?
  8. only problem was i was at work
  9. if its still the 6th im good.
  10. any joy on the problem mike?
  11. as title says lots of Scoobys at Abbingdon Mc-d's to day
  12. could well have been, they have just got some nice new 10 reg
  13. sounds good m8 just after i get payed
  14. yo mike about time
  15. had a play round town with a guy in a silver blob, and a whit rs joined in........was fun anyone on here?