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  1. Any information would be appreciated

    Plus, Subaru doesn't help us by fitting wheels that are too wide! 225/45/17s on 8" rims is just asking for damage in the real world. You really want 245s on there for that width. Why they went wider on the later STIs I just don't fathom.
  2. The world's most bizarre traffic laws

    I wish we'd adopt the 24/7 lights on rule to be honest. The number of wallies driving about at 5am with no lights is unreal. They clearly forget it's see AND be seen....
  3. Under body seal

    I see you're off Island or I would have said Classic Car Conversions down in Balthane are excellent for this job. They did my 06 Hawk and it's spot on.
  4. Warmer weather/reduce power

    Also why on hot days , my water tank actually seems to disappear if I'm having fun. The joys of the spray system on the STi!
  5. Brakes

    The Brembos are extremely sensitive to brake pad choice by the way. Standard is very sharp and responsive, but you get fade when hot. Other brands can seem a bit wooden when cold, and need more foot pressure, but ultimately give more sustained braking for longer on track, without noticable fade. You do however also get to see your alloys coated very quickly in dust.....
  6. Octane Booster

    I have a load of Fuchs Silkolene Pro Boost Octane Booster. I bought it a while ago to take to Turkey with me but hardly used any of it. 100 octane available all though Europe down to the Turkish border (except Holland). Cost me £13.95 a tin from Demon Tweeks and I have 23 litre cans of them sat in my garage... Sore point. If anyone wants to help me out and take some of them off me just let me know. £10 each will do. I'm in Keightey, W. Yorks area when I'm not on the Isle of Man.
  7. Weekend Tinkering

    The light fitted in the WRX low spoiler I think uses the same LED unit as the STi one. I swapped over and they certainly look the same, except for the housing being painted on one of the them.
  8. Subaru Recall 04 - 07 Impreza

    Reached the top and there's now plenty to go around. Except I can't afford to bring mine over for a bit. Ho hum...
  9. Secondary air intake pump question

    Which is what I'll do this Summer when I take it down for the cam belts at Alan's.
  10. Secondary air intake pump question

    Hi, I had the same problem. I now have a spare pump as mine was ok and the fault was a seized (open) solenoid valve. If you look at parts 1 and 6 in the abov e picture, these are the two valves, for sending the fresh compressed air into the exhaust ports. They get moisture in them, particularly the front one, 6. This was my fault. It had put the MIL light on and eventually had gone into limp mode restricting boost to 0.5 bar. I got two newer, clean valves from Alan Jeffery at a quite reasonable price of £50 for both. The aft one is easy to change bu the front one is an utter pig. to get to the mounting bolt, it requires the alternator, air con pump, and the guide to the wiring under the manifold to be all unbolted/removed. The back one needs the intercooler to come off. All done and working fine now. Spare pump available if anyone wants it. I could block them off but I have limited access to a mapping agent here so it can wait until I go down to Alan later in the year for the Cam Belt change. The Turbo itself really blocks access to the pipe fitting in the right head, very tight indeed. Probably easier to block off and seal at the other end of the pipe and leave it there.. Only fitted to 2.5 cars and a pain in the arse. I keep my engine bay looking stock which is why I didn't remove them. If it's seized open it will cause lean running and a fault/detune so needs attention either way. Once they are working fine they can be switched off and left on. Now that is a nuisance...
  11. Subaru Recall 04 - 07 Impreza

    Being Manx registered mine fell out of the system. Back now and waiting. Apparently every dealer has a waiting list and they work down it whenever they get supplied the parts, usually a couple every month. Pretty pitiful from IM but maybe it's a worldwide supply issue rather than them. I should reach the top of the queue in April.....
  12. Softer ride on my STI?

    Coilovers give you adjustment. It's up to the buyer to specify what they want. Beware the sets that lower your car, that's my main point. lower cars with lower roll centres need stiffer springs and thus firmer damping. A set that allows standard ride height, means you can use softer springs and tune the damping to your preference. I can only recommend BC Racing's ER series from my own experience. I ordered them long travel and plush high speed damping. That's just how they came. Mid point in the adjustment of the lower mounts was exactly the same physical length of the O.E. struts. That gave me 40mm of possible adjustment either way. I never run them longer as the headlight level sensors and ABS sensor cables might be damaged if I do. Spring length and helper springs are then tuned for actual rider height. I now run with 6kg front and 5kg rear. Damping is about half way 15 turns out all; round as a start. At 20 turns out the car tends to wallow a bit, below 10 it bangs and crashes on poorer roads. I have much longer 4kg and 3 1/2kg springs for Winter if I plan to use it more. Not bothered this Winter.
  13. Buying sti without rear suspension knocking

    Sorry about the delay. Coil overs can be a straight swap but it depends on what you specify. Often Coils are specced to lower the ride height (a bad thing) and give too harsh a ride. The problems with the standard car are simple. Too soft springs and long bump stops that come into play too soon, changing the rate and leaving the damping wrong. Too much anti-dive/squat in the front end causing understeer under load and harshness braking into bumpy corners. Good points are long lower arms and quite upright struts thus having a relatively high roll centre with low Centre of gravity. Low roll torque means they can get away with softer springs and improve ride on smooth roads. Ford's Mondeo had the same thing and transformed the quality of normal cars as a result. Fixes include Whiteline's Anti-Lift kit. Bigger rear anti-roll bar and best of all, coil over struts to give a better spring/damper setup. I use BC ER series coils, specced with 6kg/5kg F/R springs and plush high speed damping. I have the long travel option with helper springs fitted too. This way I can run O.E. ride height or slightly higher for winter as well as dropping it for track work if I wanted. The Pillow Ball adjustable top mounts allow for alternative roll centre changes too, allowing me to trim the roll centres to stop diving when cornering. The Standard car pitches into the back corner too easily... mine rolls flat. Hope that helps. Cheaper Coils just drop the car and need the stiffer springs to stop the increased roll that comes with lower roll centre. Sorry, I do prattle on. Roll centre is the point about which the suspension causes the car to rotate. It is found by finding the line drawn from inner to outer lower arm pivots and extended, with the line drawn perpendicular to the top of the strut and where they intersect, draw back to the centre of the tyre contact patch. Where this crosses the centreline of the car is the roll centre. Centre of Gravity is what it is. The distance from this point to the roll centre determines the roll torque caused by side loads when cornering. The Springs and Anti-Roll bars counter this force. Lowering the car 1" will lower the CoG 1". The Roll centre will drop 3"-4" at least. Thus the roll torque increases. The car will roll more (notice all cars roll more when full of extra people/baggage).Stiff springs are used to counter this. That's the theory.
  14. Softer ride on my STI?

    NO! I do wish folk would stop lowering their Imprezas. It may "look" nice but it plays havoc with the handling. The standard car is bad enough... It's all about the roll centres..
  15. Softer ride on my STI?

    Coil overs are the answer. Damping and spring rate are what you spec. First you need to know more about what is fitted as O.E. On my 2006 STi, the stock springs were 4kg and 3 3/.4 rear. I have 6kg/5kg now fitted. I specced long travel plush high speed damping for my BC ER series coil over package.I use normal springs and helpers, switching to longer 4kg and 3/3/4kg springs for Winter if I'm using it a lot. (not bothered this winter). I can go from bouncy and undamped to rock hard with a few clicks so it's tunable as I so desire. Your new version is different at the back but I think, coils are available with seperate Bump/Rebound adjusters. Otherwise- You got the wrong car/Wife? Get her something she likes and keep the Scooby for yourself.