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  1. Hello

    You dont need a excuse to slip out unless its the TBI
  2. Hello

    Lol i know what you mean bud i would have made my excuses and slipped out for a bit purely for research purposes
  3. Hello

    Hya bud i did notice yr bug nice looking motor fantastic morning big thank you to everyone involved at subaru HQ uk big pats on backs all round hope to visit again soon
  4. Spotted

    Spotted this battle scarred wrxS on A46 at winthorpe island nr newark quite fancy his front splitter would look fab on THE REX
  5. Spotted

    Thank you don ill look into it tbh the wrxS didnt look much different to my wrx
  6. Random moment

    Lol nor his tyre tread
  7. Random moment

    Well today started the usual way dark wet and cold i guess autumns here anyway this bought a smile to my face and tbought i would share it small things amuse small minds ll its the trip mileage on my truck
  8. Random moment

    Another thing made me smile today which was the dumper driver who was loading before me under the loadout in cloud hill quarry he was able to have his sarnies while he loaded 85tonnes of stone it takes 7 mins to load 28.5 tonnes in my trailer i need a bigger truck
  9. Weekend of mods

    Pmsl i thought that but its a cracking bit of kit every conceviable gadget fitted as standard
  10. Weekend of mods

    Well ive had a eventful weekend went to touchwood shopping centre in solihull so she who must be obeyed could buy scatter cushions and smelly candles and after wandering in and out of several shops i stumbled upon the TESLA shop where you can configure and buy a tesla electric car ooooh blimey a shop that sells cars so after configuring my perfect tesla the temptation to press buy it now was overbearing lol so i left the shop before the salesman convinced me to buy the crossover with rear gullwing doors it was pure electric porn anyway modded the girlfreinds chevy with new wheel trims shes convinced the car handles better with them on i agreed just to keep the peace lets just see how many kerbs she can bounce off and knacker the new trims
  11. Tom tom sat nav

    Its a colouring in book as your a expert at colouring in things mmm snetterton springs to mind
  12. Tom tom sat nav

    Hya all just a quick post ive got a tom tom sat nav for sale in mint condition all boxed with all cables and window mount works perfectly shows speed limits and speed cameras on the road your travelling on and comes boxed, box has slight damage but sat nav unit is in mint condition used it in my truck and only selling due to wanting a truck sat nav any questions just ask open to sensible offers cheers all
  13. Tom tom sat nav

    Pmsl do u a good deal ill even throw in a free gift
  14. Random moment

    Im sure THE 1 is gonna do even more miles in the future that cars a LEGEND
  15. Random moment

    I know what you mean bud my last truck a daf cf clocked up one million miles and then blew the turbo lol i just thought a trip milage of 1234 was quite amusing oh well small things please small minds
  16. Different load

    Well today has been full of suprises first off i overslept AARRRGGHHH BUGGER lol so hit all the traffic around nottingham then i was tasked by my boss to move a object worth over £500.000 oooh shit i thought yr defo got the wrong man for the job anyway i done the job to the best of my abilities and 4hrs later when it was delivered the boss was most impressed anyway enuf of my ramblings ill post pic let me know yr thoughts cheers all
  17. Different load

    Its about 18 tonnes but bloody top heavy so had to go steady with the old girl must admit its a impressive beast but it doesnt run on V-POWER but plenty of carbon in the form of coal and the power steering is shite but the heaters bob on
  18. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    I can reccomend M-TECH for discs and pads i just replace all four corners on my rex with drilled and grooved discs and fresh pads even had the discs painted with black protective coating they do other colours as well look the mutts nutts also feel loads more responsive under exitable driving lol well worth a look bud and very resonable prices as well just thought ide share my thoughts
  19. Back again, Impreza Hawkeye this time

    Mmmmm yr mods are certanily personal mr floz shame there in a cupboard anyway welcome back nice looking wagon is that colour champagne gold ???? My betterhalf loves that colour
  20. MOT time

    Oooooh no need mate well it is a V-TECH
  21. MOT time

    Hya all well on saturday it was MOT time so went to get it sorted at my local garage the examiner popped it up on the ramps and much muttering and head shaking was forthcoming and i thought OOOOH BUGGER!!!!! next was the emmisions mmmmm he muttered and i thought OOOOH BUGGER AGAIN he dropped it to the floor and invited me into his office and presented me with a MOT certificate oooooh yes and not a single advisorie he reccomended getting the underside waxoiled as its begginig to show its age and new exhaust is reqiured SOON so off to scoobyworld on friday for exhaust and a look on google for someone to waxiol the old girls underside so another year of scoobying is forthcoming
  22. Random moment

    Hello all hopes all good with you just had a random moment in cloud hill quarry just thought i would share it with you all it brightened my day up OF COURSE ITS YR RIGHT OF WAY LOL cos yr a tad bigger than me
  23. Calipers sorted

    Errrrr no yr good at fookin up brakes then again yr always flat out so yr brakes must be brand new cos there never used
  24. Calipers sorted

    Hya all well after dropping THE REX off at my local garage i then had the joy of driving my darling partners cheverolet aveo mmmm well all was not lost as on the way to drop her off at hospital for her hand op i took the oppertunity to rag the arse out of her chevy much to her disapproval lol anyway picked THE REX up on friday rear caliper and slider pins both sides and rear M-TECH disc and pads all on and its SWEET so treated it to a bit of spit and polish so now im a happy boy new afterburner exhaust next
  25. Air Oil Separator

    Mmmmm i think its destined for the cupboard of mods lol whats it do anyway