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  1. Ooooh ok bud thanks for that mite be worth getting hold of a spoiler then ill have a hunt round or i could just change the REX for a sti hatch what you reckon mr floz
  2. Now then i have another road name that made me chuckle earlier today it on the A617 between mansfield and farnsfield its cockett lane or if yr not wired up rite like me i see it as OH cock it lane
  3. Well i have a very nawty marker pen just look closely and all will be revealed little bit forward of the pen me thinks
  4. Theres a road on A47 at wansford called THE DRIFT always rasies a smile when i go past in the truck and i know of a road in derby called cockshut lane sound damn painful to live there
  5. From the album Joffster

  6. From the album Joffster

    My other daily drive a mercedes gigaspace
  7. From the album Joffster

  8. From the album Joffster

  9. From the album Joffster

  10. David attenborough would be most intrested in the amount of species on yr car bud mite be some rare ones
  11. So tried fitting the STI spoiler and thought i would check the third brake light works errrrr bugger 3 of the leds have given up GGGRRRRR need a new light unit any ideas
  12. Ooooh mate im feeling yr pain im in the same predicament STI spoiler or WRX mmmmm
  13. Looks like me on my way to maccyds
  14. Me and computers dont seem to get on so mobile version is spot on and as for facebook and the like what if yr not on facebook or other social media sites after all i dont wanna know what people are having for their dinner as you see on facebook so the forums are invaluable to members who have questions or need advise on scoobs so in my opnion this works for me
  15. Pmsl