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  1. Brake caliper porn

    Hya all just thought ide share these random pics of AP racing calipers my other half cleans there and teased me with the pics OOOOH SHINY trying to talk her into how shall i say borrow a pair anyway enjoy the pics
  2. Playing on m1

    So parked truck up on friday afternoon jumped in the scoob for a lesuirely drive home joined the M1 mmmmm didnt get out of first gear bloody traffic jams but my time was spent constructively by having a giggle with a wrx wagon much fun was had until we parted company on the M69 so i assume he was hinckley based so on the off chance yr on here mate ta muchly for making a shit drive home more entertaining
  3. WRX STI RA Video

    I think it would be well and truly fooked when yr finished with it
  4. Prodrive bear

    I know what your saying my lad loves a b-road blast in the rex and tells me he wants a P1 guess i better put a kidney on ebay sharpish oooooh the innocence of youth bless him
  5. Prodrive bear

    Hya leon i know what you mean its like my sons hands are magnetic when he gets hold of the bear ive certanally never seen another one
  6. Prodrive bear

    No need for that mr floz
  7. Prodrive bear

    Evening all just thought i share this with you all this little chap has been my co- driver in my actros truck for a few months now my son always holds it when hes with me so i thought i would get him one but i cant find another one anywhere mmmmm tried the usual suspects ebay , amazon etc but no joy is it rarer than rocking horse poo ?????
  8. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Thanks for that link don but guess what postman pat delivered today ooooh shiny thanks again don for finding the relevant caliper
  9. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Just a quick update thanks to the legend that is THE DON rear caliper ordered and winging its way to me as we speak just gotta get it fitted now as well as new slider pins front and rear and MTECH rear grooved and drilled discs and new pads i owe you a burger at TRAX don thank you to all of your for your comments and help makes these forums worth having for the wealth of knowledge and help regarding things and ice lollies YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE
  10. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Oooh yes DONS like the SIDC equivelent of a haynes manual i wouldnt say its a plan but ill try owt at mo
  11. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Ive got new MTECH discs and pads to fit on rears and new slider pins for rear and front so i took caliper off and tried to push piston back with a g clamp but it didnt budge so im assuming its seized solid as is the top slider pin so i guess its a rebuild or new caliper tracked a couple of used ones down courtesy of THE DONS info just waiting for a reply regarding cost and shipping etc
  12. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Hya ccrien i thought of doing that but i use the car to get from coventry to nottingham on a sunday and im not back till friday so cant really be without my car mite have to get it booked in somewhere and get it rebuilt or a new one fitted but new calipers are as rare as hens teeth so refurb mite be my only option thanks for the links mr don ooooh my head hurts bloody subarus lol
  13. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    no need for that thats it i quit im gonna buy a honda civic
  14. Rear drivers side brake caliper

    Lol oooh ok mr don so the 2.0 litre caliper will fit then will it? Ill study the pics in your last reply ta muchly