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  2. My second Subaru

    Yes definitely
  3. My second Subaru

    Thanks pal just want a bit of advise my wife curbed my wheels on the passenger side (was gutted) so ive found a local referber to powder coat them again and I was thinking of changing the colour to red what do you think
  4. My second Subaru

    Hi Dave welcome to the SIDC forum. Have a root around there are many many years worth of posts and info. lovely looking car
  5. New to SIDC

    Hi and welcome to SIDC The meets for next year are still being finalised so keep and eye on the events calendar. In the meantime post a pic of the WRSport . We don’t see too many of these anymore
  6. My second Subaru

    Hello everyone, I've just joined so I'm going to have a root around in some of the forums older posts. I've just part ex'ed my 2009 WRX Hatch and bought a 2012 STI saloon, I would be looking to go to some shows or meets but I don't no if there are any local ones or when they are so that is another reason I have sighned up to your forum.
  7. New to SIDC

    Hi, new here. Been looking for a good Subaru car club and this was recommended. Currently own a WRSport so looking forward to joining some of the meets next year.
  8. New saloon owner

    Thanks, appreciated. The pins look like they come out at a different angle, and there’s a third small stub so it looks much better than eBay cheapos. Will refer to the rally armor thing; a friend is recommending tar remover to remove the 3M residue.
  9. New saloon owner

    You can use the first part of this rally armor fitting guide for removing the fender garnish to change the badges. rallyarmor_sti_wrx_sedan_instructions.pdf
  10. New saloon owner

    93013FG070 - Ornament Front
  11. New saloon owner

    Great - thanks - in that case I’ll pick one up from main dealer..unless somebody has access to the part number..?
  12. New saloon owner

    No problem getting the standard grille badge to fit the zunsport grille
  13. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Yeah will deffo cover the engine, it’s like dust when you disrupt it! Thanks for the advice I’ll let you know how I get on
  14. New saloon owner

    Quick bit of exterior mod advice anybody? I want an STI badge on my Zunsport grille but the only ones I can find have two fixing pegs which do not marry up with the mesh spacing.... has anybody found one that works? Not that keen on Zunsport advice of using ‘twist wire’. Seems a bit of a gardeners bodge. I have S206 black fender badges on order and HT splitter fitted, which looks great. Nearly lost it on a bumpy fenland road yesterday mind...
  15. Spotted in coventry

    Lol just in the background bruv we were in greggs for a change
  16. Spotted in coventry

    No surprise you’re near a McDonalds
  17. Spotted in coventry

    Spotted this wrx sti in cov earlier very nice
  18. Earlier
  19. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Sounds like you've got the tee shirt floz. Good advice!
  20. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    It may also be prudent to remove the Scoob under tray if you want to tuck the edges underneath. I tried without removing the undertray and the nice new liner started crumbling.
  21. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Definitely cover the engine when removing the old one. The clips were quite stubborn and I ended up cutting the liner in to pieces and removing the clips at the end. Caused a huge mess
  22. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    Yeah they do look abit sketchy to be fair. Just gets everywhere it’s like dust now... as soon as I touch it, it just desintergrates!
  23. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    It’s worth getting a set of clips as I broke most of them getting the old one off. Wierdly mine needed 13 where everyone else seems to only have 11 . Loads on Fleebay
  24. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    That’s brilliant thankyou buddy, yeah I’ll give him a call thanks
  25. Help needed finding bonnet liner

    If you're stuck, try Matty at MB developments, he breaks Subaru,s. Got a door mirror once from him, great service. Might be a bit more difficult to pack and ship a bonnet liner though? Mattybr5@MB Developments 07785 942237 Cheers.
  26. Hi guys, need some help finding a bonnet liner as my wrx 1 has flaked and gone all like cardboard. Is there any suggestions for websites or anyone that has 1 kicking around possibly? Its for a wrx 2004 but haven’t had much luck on eBay cheers for any help.
  27. Ooooh yes you did young man just the rest of the stuff in the cupboard now
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