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  2. New car

    Yeah looks exactly the same. Just says I'm only aloud to load a certain amount of data when trying to post pic from my phone
  3. New car

    Strange you are having problems uploading from your phone. This is what my screen looks like on the phone. Do you see the paper clip on yours?
  4. Howdie back in a scooby.

    I wouldn’t go near mine with a hammer it would fall apart.
  5. New car

    Struggling to post pictures. What's the best way ?
  6. Howdie back in a scooby.

    apart from the Horshoe my car underneath is very nice....ive since cavity waxed it on the inside now...and beaten it with hammer for anything tester missed so i dont have to crawl underneath it next year to weld fingers crossed.... My standard exhaust is not fairing too well either so on the hunt for a replacement...needs to be standardish...nice n quiet...if you have a good condition standard exhaust in your shed and wanna part with it let me know.... If You have a wagon....with mild steel arms....id change em Now...mine rotted out from inside look good on outside...would i get Subaru Main dealers to do it....Nope!
  7. Howdie back in a scooby.

    Well i had some fun and games lately.... Got a recall letter...For the Lower wishbones rust and booked in at local Dealer. Well moving off drive away at 10 mph the offside collasped and i kept to a halt....scary stuff ...theyve rotted out from inside. so spoke to Subaru and no problems get car to us well sort so assist Recovery with my skates and get car to them... Then the phonecall....your car is very rusty it really needs to be in the scrapyard and we are concerned we will damage the hubs removing the arms and ball joints...we need confirmation to proceed as there may be additional costs involved..... £1000.00 per side for new hubs and wheel bearings fitted at £82.00 per hour. Hell no...give me the arms and ill do myself...blowtorch and pentrating spray should tickle them out.....im sorry your used to new cars but it passed last years mot with a 50mm patch of welding i put onhorseshow and itll pass this year too maybe with a tad more....tell mechs to man up...I got 3 cars here all 25 years old and ive rebuilt suspension on them no issues... so many phonecalls and headoffice filling out some form online for intervention...i get a phonecall from Dealer all done!... Hoorah, well sort off not really...more whack whack boom.... Tracking is out bigtime....pulls to left and steering wheel off centre my number 1 car pet hate... so i get that done locally... then few weeks time mot.....Fail...dreaded horseshoe....more welding required massive patch on O/s now ....and a puncture wound in the outer CV gaiter....i wonder how that happened!.... anyways confused by tester that a fail is fail...you cant use it despite 9 days left of old mot? So its unsafe to drive? No its failed to meet standard...you can drive home though....Is this a safety standard ? yes....so whats the difference between driving home and driving to work tomorrow....is 1 more safe than the other!!!. stupid rules... So Subaru....ive owned my Wagon for 2.5 years....The Vosa enforced recall happened was released in 2012...why has it taken 2.5 years to notify me ? Ive done 60mph down country lanes in this thing if it had collasped doing that high potential id be dead now.... So chalked it up to experience and reminded why i dont ever use dealers and try and do all my car maintenanace myself...( engineer for 25yrs). But keep getting these customer service emails...well 7th one i let them have it.....still not got a reply why its taken 2.5 years to inform me my car could flip over and kill me...
  8. Howdie back in a scooby.

    Cheers Mate!
  9. Last week
  10. New car

    Welcom and Yes post some pictures up 👍👍 to y
  11. New car

    Bought this car at the end of August. Think 2-3 of the previous owners are member on here. For some reason it won't let me upload pics from my I phone ? My cars a aspen White Hawkeye 56 reg
  12. Track Day Interest

    Yes good circuit but love Donny tony
  13. Track Day Interest

    You missed out Oulton which has to be the best circuit
  14. Hello

    You dont need a excuse to slip out unless its the TBI
  15. Hello

    ‘Research Purposes’ I will remember that one when I need an excuse to slip away for a little while
  16. Hello

    Lol i know what you mean bud i would have made my excuses and slipped out for a bit purely for research purposes
  17. Hello

    Thank you, and glad to hear you enjoyed your day. I would have loved to have hung around and nattered, but work got in the way lol
  18. Hello

    Hya bud i did notice yr bug nice looking motor fantastic morning big thank you to everyone involved at subaru HQ uk big pats on backs all round hope to visit again soon
  19. Hello

    As a lot of peeps were at Subaru today (I work there so happened to notice ) Bought my 02 Bugeye WRX on Saturday as a rolling project. It is tidy but will be better. Nice to see some great cars today Will I have no doubt speak to some of you over time. Cheers Dave
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  21. Spotted

  22. Spotted

    Thank you don ill look into it tbh the wrxS didnt look much different to my wrx
  23. Spotted

    As it's an SG****** rather than an ST****** part number you should be able to get it via a Dealer.....................
  24. New saloon owner

    Advice? A bit off topic, I know. colleague of mine is trying to shift his Legacy GX, which is an interesting - albeit slow - Subaru. Any ideas for best marketplace? Metallic mustard mica. Certainly stands out! http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C917760
  25. Spotted

    Spotted this battle scarred wrxS on A46 at winthorpe island nr newark quite fancy his front splitter would look fab on THE REX
  26. Random moment

    Lol nor his tyre tread
  27. Random moment

    Bet he doesn't get stones stuck in his brakes either, lol
  28. Random moment

    Another thing made me smile today which was the dumper driver who was loading before me under the loadout in cloud hill quarry he was able to have his sarnies while he loaded 85tonnes of stone it takes 7 mins to load 28.5 tonnes in my trailer i need a bigger truck
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